Aerodynamic Performance via Efficient Development

If it moves through air or water we can improve it.

We strategise our Aerodynamic Program Support by understanding your needs and applying the appropriate analysis tool for the job.

This can range from working with a single engineer on a small project for a small organisation to integrating a number of engineers within a large company for a larger campaign.

Our smallest job could be experience based advise on general shapes for a production style car with a stylist or for a motorsports vehicle with an engineer, maybe related to a specific performance issue.  Our largest projects are multiple year contracts with OEMs to develop and optimise the aerodynamic performance of their future technologies.

Aero Dynamique

We design and build wind tunnel scale and full-size models

Model design and build budgets are extremely competitive.

For model testing, we typically test at F1 standard wind tunnels but always choose the most appropriate facility for the budget/activity.

For full size testing, we use Windshear (USA), MIRA (UK), Sauber(SWITZERLAND) etc.

We run CFD in house, principally using Star CCM for aerodynamic performance and thermal optimisation. 

Beyond this, we are able to support track testing fully, for example vehicle dynamics, lap sim, instrumentation, competitor analysis, and correlation issues.

Aero Dynamique

Our key activities:

We are Electric Vehicle Aerodynamic Specialists

We have been at the forefront of electric racing series (we having been in Formula E since its inception).  We understand the unique demands electric vehicles place on their aerodynamic specification and particularly their cooling systems.